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South & Central America
  • Panama

  • Costa Rica

  • Argentina

  • Chile

  • Brazil

  • Caribbean



Best Times: January - May

Explore the gateway to the Americas in this crossroads of the isthmus. Panama is only a three hour flight from many U.S. cities, uses U.S. currency, and no visa is required for U.S. citizens. Highlights of this trip include: an in depth tour and full transit of the Panama Canal by boat, beautiful beaches, coffee plantations, sugarcane, banana, and pineapple farms to name a few.  Its lush cloud forests are littered with wildlife from monkeys to parrots and the towering Volcan Baru, Panama's largest peak. Come see this friendly and historic country linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.



Best Times: November - March


Travel to one of the most geographically diverse countries in South America.  Chile stretches about 2,600 miles and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains with an expansive river valley in the center of the country.  Its history of economic stability is the best in the region.  This area is known for its vineyards, cranberries, walnuts, and figs.  A trip to Chile will include a historical city tour in Santiago, a penguin colony visit, and aquaculture such as salmon farming.


Costa Rica

Best Times: January - May


Costa Rica is the most visited country in Central America. It is one of the top banana producing regions in the world and has had an influx of tourism over the past 20 years. From volcanoes to beaches to the vast banana plantations, Costa Rica offers a variety of things to see and do.  It is a perfect place for a vacation while seeing the unique flora and fauna of this tropical agriculture region.    



Best Times: All year


The largest country in all of Latin America, Brazil is a powerhouse in global agriculture.  Many products that you find growing in the U.S. are also found in Brazil.  Soybeans, corn, cotton, cattle, poultry, dairy, coffee, and sugarcane are some of the cultivated products that make up this vast arable land.  As the largest producer of sugracane in the world, Brazil is one of the bio-energy leaders in research, production, and education throughout the world.  Immerse yourself in Brazil's culture as a leader, competitor, and partner in many aspects of the global market.  



Best Times: November - May


This breathtaking country of South America extends from north to south as the U.S. runs east to west.  Some of the largest exports of this country are corn, wheat, sorghum, rice and barley.  Nearly 5 million tons of meats, along with wool and wine are produced in this high beef consuming region.  Even though agriculture is an important source of income, its nation's workforce employs only a small amount.  Popular sites to visit here include Iguazu Falls, Andes mountains, and Patagonia. 



Best Times: All year


The Caribbean... just saying the word makes you think of turquoise waters and white sand beaches.  Each island is known for its unique culture and experiences.  While the vast majority of tourists just spend their time at a beach or shopping, we can show you other aspects of the islands as it relates to agriculture.  What type of food is imported/exported?  How do they do it?  How does the island feed its people and the many tourists that visit each year?  You will experience the full spectrum of agriculture as well as gorgeous beaches on this exotic chain of islands! 

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